Give A Smiley Project

Have you ever felt the impact of a smile?   You know – something that comes along and just totally changes your day or maybe even your life?  That’s what happened to me one day, and out of it was born, the Give A Smiley Project(TM).

My hope is that the world can be changed, one smiley at a time.  I believe one person can truly make a difference in this world, and so it is in this same spirit, that I hope one smiley can make a difference.

You see, in my view, there are just too many negative things occurring in the world.  People are screaming at one another instead of taking time to listen.  In this day and age, we tend to hurt each other first, then later (hopefully) we stop and analyze why humans are experiencing some of the things that they are.

Humans can be so much more to each other and we can all work together to help each other evolve, grow, and become all that we can be.  Sometimes this starts with what we do and give away to those we meet and pass by in our day.  What if, instead of sending out negativity in a day, we instead gave a smiley to someone we met or barely knew?  How would that change our day, our life, and even our world?

More importantly, though, change does not happen with others first.  Change begins within us.  If we focus on doing something as simple as giving away a smiley, it may impact us as much as it will the person that receives the smiley.

The goal of this project is not selfish endeavor, but of giving to others.  In the course of giving, we will be giving unconditionally to our self.

Please take a moment to read further details in the upper left hand corner of this project–the three easy steps–and consider taking the Smiley 12 Week Challenge!

Begin Here:  What Is It?

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